InventionHome Helps California Inventor Get Marketing Deal for His Eco-friendly Pet Product

InventionHome takes pleasure in announcing a marketing contract for CleanHealthy Bowls, an eco-friendly, disposable, and convenient pet bowl.

Mark, a California inventor, developed and produced his patented CleanHealthy Bowls to be used either separately or as a liner in your pet’s favorite food dish. This innovative product allows your dog or cat to have a fresh, clean bowl for every meal. It’s also sturdy enough to be used as a stand-alone bowl when you are traveling with your pet. After using, the biodegradable bowl can be tossed in your compost or trash bin.

InventionHome is pleased to have introduced this handy pet product to the company which engaged sales from a major retailer who is now carrying CleanHealthy Bowls in economical packs of 200.